POPULOUS / Cubicus by Cubicus Entertainment

Cubicus is an app/game that strives to live in a very tenuous dimension: that of parents willing to use tech gadgets and apps to help their kids development and education. They are asking for €35,000 and have 20 remaining days to get there. Check their Indiegogo page.

It is no doubt a risky bet, but not a wrong one as eventually more and more people will be getting into something like that, giving their kids an earlier digital education. It’s already happening all around with internet and streaming taking the place of the TV in many areas so why not small kids education?

Spain has some international hits on the Kid oriented TV (I’m looking at you, Pocoyo), and it could be truly good for the Spanish videogame industry to score a hit on the kid edutaiment, so this is definitely a step on the right direction.

The Cubicus team project revolves around 5 cloth differentiated cubic shaped beings. Each of them will be oriented to different learning areas and have different gameplays and designs. As noted on their indiegogo page their idea is to do it as a whole package composed of 5 different apps and carry on with the development during this year to do a release in the beginning of 2016.

You can check his charming Indiegogo crowdfunding video to get a better (and more rhymed) idea of Cubicus:

You can also check the project all english website to see more about every one of the characters of play a Beta version of the app. Or you can reach out to show your support or ask them anything via twitter @cubicUserie.

Please consider either support the project or give it some exposure as it actually looks pretty sweet and it seems the team need all the help they can muster!

– Sam –

Header image by Cubicus Entertainment

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