PEARL JAMS / Update w/ Jam Awards+Games. Familiar Game Jam 4. 20-22 March, Seville/Online

Welcome to another new section of GameCrimes (yes, I seem not to have enough of naming things after Pearl Jam stuf, but come on, this was so clear that it was unavoidable for a Vedder and its gang fan). In this case dedicated to news about game jams happening in Spain, and doing follow up articles with the games that came out of said jams.


Update: The Jam was finished last weekend, but the winners weren’t announced until this one, here is a link to all the games created on the Familiar Jam 4:

They announced the winners in the middle of a new indie games gathering that hopefully will become regular. They called it Indie Talk #0 and if you happen to be an indie developer who’s around Seville, you might want to contact  (the organizer behing both events). The winners were:

Best Game & Funnier Game: Plastic Wars by Shark Riders (@IgnorantedelaV@MomiaBLN@acusmaticon@Juanant and @ivcoar)

Best Audio: The Multipass Element by _Maikel_ (music by @fromguer)

Best Graphics: Xenomorphs by Flaranda (@raulbayushi)

Best use of the theme: Ed Wood’s Crazy Adventures by Surfing Moai (@SurfingMoai)

And personally I’d like to pick Kodama Kodama by SilverForest, which for me was the most fun playable one and had a bit of level design that I missed in some of the other games. Go and check the games to decide which ones you like more!


Original Story: The Familiar Game Jam 4 is a GameJolt game jam that will take place in Seville the next 20-22 of March. I’m not sure I need to explain what a game jam is, but in few words I’ll say it is a collaborative game making creation competition in which groups of developers create a game with a limited amount of time and with a shared theme (normally just a word or concept).

The Familiar Game Jam looks itself in the mirror of the most famous game jams nowadays, The Global Game Jam and the Ludum Dare, and mixes them allowing for both presential and online competition.

There are no presential spaces left, but anyone interested might want to take part online. The rules are quite simple:

– Stick to the theme.

– The game could be buggy but must be functional in a PC/MAC.

– The game should have a start screen with the controls displayed on it, a game screen and a game over screen.

– It has to be uploaded to GameJolt with the #FamiliarGameJam4 in its description before the time limit Sunday 19:00 (GMT +1).

– Credit anything you use that it’s not created by you and don’t use copyrighted stuff.

And that’s about it. You can contact the organization in their twitter @FamiliarGameJam, but you don’t really need to as long as you put the requested hashtag in your game’s description when uploading it to GameJolt.

The only clue about the subject is that it’s likely to be cinema-related. Previous themes for game were “Mysantrophy” (Familiar Game Jam 3, you can check the 27 games presented to this edition on this Anait Games post), “Objective: Die” (Familiar Game Jam 2), and “Drugs” (Familiar Game Jam 1).

In case you happen to be in Seville and want to go check this out, it will take place in Sala Enjoy (Cardenal Bueno Monreal 50, Seville).

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