POPULOUS / Arpic Games (@HvsZ_Game) Hipster Vs. Zombies starts its Kickstarter

Just recently a few high profile Spanish Games have failed to reach their targets both in Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but that doesn’t deter other developers of getting forward with confidence and putting their games out there for the public to back them and decide about their inmediate future.

This Kickstarter comes from the hands of Arpic Games, a Valencian studio (currently also working in the Sci fi MMO Star Riser). The game they are presenting is called Hipsters Vs. Zombies and it is what the devs call a shoot’em-up-2D- Run & Gun. They’re taking cues from games such as Contra, Guacamelee and Gunstar Heroes and are trying to get the shooting back in the game.


Obviously with such title the game has its tongue firmly in cheek making fun both of hipster stereotypes with both its leads, the bearded gloomy Ulysses and the pink-haired alt-fashionist Sugar, music snobs, cappuchino drinkers etc…but hey, at least they’re not indie game developers, are they?

The game has a lot of potential and instead of the full on pixel art of games like Broforce it is aiming for something more fully formed and cartoony. You can check the trailer in their kickstarter page (I haven’t been able to find it on youtube yet but will update this as soon as I have the change) and if you like it you can collaborate with the developers to make their vision real here. Check their rewards tiers as they have some crazy ones like longboard skates at $1000! Arpic have 35 days to achieve their target, let’s hope they can do that!


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