Asturian Power!!! @Whootgames & @Milkstone reach the Greenlight milestone

I’m very pleased to report about Castles and Pharaonic getting Steam Greenlight.


We try to cover as many greenlighted Spanish games here, but those two hold an special significance for me as they’re developed in my home region, Asturias. And it’s great to see teams from my region being recognised around, as the usual places for videogames are the well known Barcelona, Madrid (and nowadays maybe Valencia and Seville).

It is important for our region to jump on areas that can bring growth as videogames, as Asturias was always an industrial region based in mining and shipyards and those industries have been in a steep decline in the last decades.

But enough with the economical background and more with the gaming!

Castles is the brainchild of Whoot Games and it is to be distributed by BadLand Indie, the game is a Puzzler where players have to set up series of 3 blocks having the same color or item, but don’t think it is a usual match-3 game. It has a whimsical medieval look (if you liked Ilomilo you’ll love this one) that hides a tortous puzzle design that will be a challenge for 1 or 2 players whom will take the roles of the king’s architects building a tower to the skies by actually tearing it apart (well, at least tearing the blocks that fall from the sky). The higher they reach the more difficult it becomes. It is a fun play in the Tetris formula. Check the trailer:

Pharaonic is the new game by Milkstone Studios the lovely people behind the sucessful Ziggurat (just won the best Console game award ar the Spanish videogame awards). They get the Greenlight really fast and it is not strange seeing the core plaer strenght behind their game. Touted as a 2D egiptian Dark Souls. A side scroller action RPG with the mythical Egipt as its background sounds really good and the execution seems great. Milkstone is not sitting on a genre and jump from 1st person shooter to 2D RPG. Check their teaser here:

Best luck for both studios and congratulations to Milkstone for their award!

– Sam –

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