One Year Later…with @2AwesomeStudio

Around a year ago we started this blog with the objective of getting Spanish developers talking about their games in English. Time has flown by and today we are looking back to see how some of those games have evolved.

We decided to send out a questionnaire to some developers we have contacted the last year to see how everything is going “one year later”. By asking them very similar questions I hoped we can get a sense of the similitudes and the differences between both developers.

2Awesome Studio became something of a personal friend to our blog as we starting talking with them just when we launched the blog and follow very closely the development of their game Dimension Drive and specially their troubled Kickstarter. Since then they’ve been working very hard and it was about time we had a little catch-up, so we sent our questionnaire out to them and here are their answers!

How has 2Awesome Studio changed over the last year?

I could tell you we have become more professional and that we have an office where we have a regular 8 to 6 working day but I would be fooling you. We are still an innovative and “connected” team as we name ourselves or “crazy fools” like many others call us. We still do everything through the internet without an office or personal interaction. Alejandro and I are still working fulltime in the European Space Agency while we pour endless night and weekend hours into the game. We also use our holidays to attend international events and promote Dimension Drive.

What has changed is the fact that we are even more motivated and willing to do all this crazy stuff. The support of our Kickstarter backers and the great relationship we have stablished with our players via the Steam Forums are the fuel that powers us to not check the clock at all and just carry on full throttle forward.


What is the current status of Dimension Drive?

Dimension Drive is available right now on Steam as a playable Alpha for all the Kickstarter backers. We also have players who didn’t make it on time to the Kickstarter campaign or people who just found the game and want to get Alpha Access. For those we opened a while ago the chance to get said access purchasing it through our website.

We currently have 2 worlds with 6 levels and 2 game modes. We are doing fortnight updates adding new levels and fixing stuff. And even if we have still some way to go to achieve the level of polish we want, the current version is very playable.


Do you have a release date for Dimension Drive?

We cannot provide you with the exact release date, but we can tell you that our dev Schedule has the release window in mid-2016. We hope to do that and as soon as we have a clearer release date we will share it with you. As we explained on our Kickstarter we have had some delays due to the fact that we are adding more stuff than we originally planned for (including some surprises we cannot speak about yet) and we are reshaping parts of the game to give them more polish.

That’s why our game is still in Alpha and available to players who might want to give a hand in improving the game and also start playing it now. We are very lucky with our community since we have some very dedicated players. Some of them have nearly as many playing hours clocked in Dimension Drive as ourselves, which has come as a big surprise.


If you were again in need of financing, will you repeat the crowdfunding experience at this moment in time?

Yes and no. As you are aware we had 2 Kickstarters back to back and that is a well-known story so I won’t go into it anymore. The fist Kickstarter showed us that even if we did it fairly well and we were very close to hit the target we made quite a few mistakes, being the main one launching it too soon without prepping it enough and getting a critical mass of followers. Our second Kickstarter exploded because we had great visibility due to all the people that supported us after the first one ended badly. If we were going to do a new Kickstarter we would not have that same visibility again and we would have to fight for it. So the answer about doing it again is that we would do it but in a different way, giving it more time and more polish, having a better product and a community big enough to hit the target. The best thing about Kickstarter is how it allows you to build a community, no other financing way do that.


What plans do you have for 2016? Are you going to be present in any of the international gaming events?

Can we get back to you on this in a 2 weeks’ time? Now seriously, we have requested places in several international events and we are awaiting responses right now. Last year we were in Gamescom, Madrid Games Week, Tokyo Game Show and several others and this year we would like to repeat in some of those and add a few more to the list.


How do you see this year for the Spanish videogame industry?

There is a good outlook, there are several good looking indie games for this year and we seriously wish them to become blockbusters. If we have to mention some of our favourites we could say Wincars Racing, Crossing Souls, Rise and Shine and Twin Souls. We also hope that the Spanish institutions will get more involved in supporting the smaller studios. As we are divided between Holland and Spain we see what it is being done in both countries and we think there is a stronger push required in Spain to make the Spanish videogame industry a European referent. We are talking about improving things in financing, incubation and brand promotion amongst others.

Holland has been doing quite a good work in those fronts (no one is perfect though!) with official support for non-profit investment programs for art and innovative games, start-up incubators and fostering the presence of devs in international events under their own pavilion (known as Holland Pavilion).


And looking back, which Spanish-produced game of 2015 would you recommend to our readers?

The list is really long because as we just said the quality on the Spanish scene is amazing, but to name some we could mention the great international reception that Blues and Bullets have achieved (and its visuals are incredible). Dead Synchronicity is another game that went through the Kickstarter ordeal, like we did, and it was released last year. It is a must for those who like point and click adventures.


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