RELEASE // You can buy The Count Lucanor by @baroquedecay now

The Count Lucanor is one of the oldest works in Castilian Spanish prose that survived to our days. It was written in 1335.

This is not our grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-father Count Lucanor:

What we have here is an entirely new story set up in some medieval fantasy times where the player controls the young Hans, whom after getting tired of being poor decides to leave his single mother to go on adventures and find his fortune, because that is what poor boys do.

In the end all this set up is very videogame-y and it matches the retro look of the game, which is a top down adventure game with bits of Zelda, Silent Hill (¿?¿?) and Dark Souls (ok, this is an intriguing mix). While that starting point seems to maybe go for nostalgia, Baroque Decay are not going to stop at that and have a branching narrative with alternative endings and mysteries to uncover and alluring mix of adventure, puzzle and horror and I am fairly certain that Hans will learn on his adventure that leaving his single mum behind on her own is kind of crappy (he better do!). And finally as the cherry on the icing they had some delicious anime-style cut scenes to tell parts of the narrative as you can see in this trailer:

So get your grandfather’s cane and three gold coins and get ready for a horror adventure on your PC!

You can learn more about the Baroque Decay team here, talk with the devs here, and buy the game on its Steam page.

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