POPULOUS // UPDATE! Kickstarter target Achieved! A place for the Unwilling by @AlpixelGames goes to Kickstarter


40-odd hours shy of the time limit, Alpixel Games managed to hit their target! Game funded! Success!

Congratulations to everyone who supported this game and of course to the game devs themselves. We hope this helps starting a better year for Spanish games in Kickstarter than the last. Now let’s see if the campaign manages to hit some of the stretch goals!


Original Story

Not long ago we had a chance to have a quick chat with Ludipe about the announcement of his 2nd game, A place for the Unwilling. Development on the game has progressed at a brisk pace and a mere 2 months after announcing the game they have launched a Kickstarter campaign to get the funds to complete the game.

The campaign started last Monday and, for a change, it is progressing really well having just reached the 40% of their total.

A place for the Unwilling is an adventure game with a twist. The city where you live is the protagonist in a metaphorical way, and as player you will have to use one of its inhabitants as an instrument to figure out what is happening both with you and in their lives. But controlling that person won’t be just all about investigating, he will have to carry on with all that is needed to stay alive, working, negotiating and interacting with other characters. Is in those interactions and reading the newspapers where the investigation will begin, but where will it take you to?

A place for the Unwilling pops out at first with its art, influenced by comics and animated shows. It is later on when other more literary influences will show up. Alpixel mention in their kickstarter some lovecraftian influence, but it is pretty clear that more and more influences will come out in the game, which hopefully will help form a great narrative, but we still don’t know much about that. What we do know is that on their game influences (which might help getting an idea of what Unwilling might end up being) the mentions go to Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Sunless Sea.

Thankfully, against the trend we saw last year, this Kickstarter is looking rather optimistic and we can wait for it to be funded and see if they can hit any of their stretch targets. Go check their KS and back it if the game sounds like your cup of (victorian) tea!


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