RELEASE // @TeamGotham_’s The Guest is available on Steam since last week

The Guest is out on Steam now. It is a game that has appeared in out blog before, but to refresh your memory, it is a 1st person puzzle game where you have to try to find your way out from the room you wake up in, find clues, solve riddles and try to make sense of what is around you.

The Guest is the first of a new batch of horror games that are being done in Spain. Team Gotham started as a group of 4 videogame students who decided to go full indie and have been developing the game a few years with great results (it has picked a few awards along the way). They are going for a short but tense experience of around 4 hours of game, with a deep immersion for the player (Occulus Rift is supported).

The game is published by 505 games, well known for some mid-range very sucessful games like Payday 2 or Brothers: A tale of two sons, so they have been definitely been noted beyond our Spanish frontiers. Hopefully that support will get them the attention of the foreign press as well.

This is the launch trailer:

You can buy the game here or get in touch with the devs here.




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