Our new section: Crossed Devs!

When a friend of yours disappears for a while, it’s normal to worry. When a criminal mastermind is out of sight for more than 2 months, chances are he’s hatching some evil scheme. And when your friends happen to be GameCriminals, you can be sure they are cooking something very special for you.


Well, I guess our dastardly plan is in the open now. GameCrimes proudly announces our first Spain vs World tête-à-tête between some of the hottest indie gamedevs right now. Our new section: Crossed Devs! It is a great chance for developers from different companies and different parts of the world to connect and we’re really proud to be helping them to do so.


On Saturday 17th June at 17:00 CET these two giants will talk about each other’s game, and you’ll be able to listen to the result on the next day in our website!


On the Spanish corner, meet Luis Oliván of Fictiorama Studios, makers of Dead Synchonicity, a classic point and click adventure and returning guest.




On the American side, Samuel Bass of Three One Zero, creators of “first-person experience” ADR1FT, an immersive VR game.


ADR1FT Screenshot 04


They know each other’s game and they will be going mano a mano for GameCrimes, talking about each other’s game and offering a brand new perspective on them. Tune in for a very unusual talk – gamedevs talking another gamedev’s gamedev! (wow, even I got confused!)

Only here, on GameCrimes!


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