GameCrimes is the first podcast in English language entirely dedicated to the Spanish independent videogame development community.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, and yet with such a huge potential market the Spanish developed videogames are still mostly on the fringes of the mainstream videogame community because of the language barrier. Said barrier is slowly crumbling, but it still exists and it’s our objective to help breaking it by informing and spreading the word about ongoing Spanish videogame projects.

Videogames created in Spain range from cult titles as Commandos to AAA games such as Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 1&2 (Mercury Steam) and smaller games that garnered international attention like Deadlight (Tequila Works), UnEpic (Francisco Tellez de Meneses), Gods Will Be Watching (Deconstructeam) or Ziggurat (Milkstone).

Those are just a few examples from the last couple years as there is an incoming wave of new Spanish videogames – and we will be bringing the best of them to you, so stay tuned!

-GameCrimes crew out! (Ara, Sam & Víctor)

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