Ara Carrasco

Founder, editor, writer and graphic design

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Hi! I’m a slightly workaholic Environment Artist (my boyfriend would probably tell me to delete the “slightly” before workaholic :P) who instead of spending her free time making lasagna alla murciana (I still cook that one from time to time) or learning how to build paper robots, decided it was a good idea to start a website to help Spanish games get more attention in English-speaking countries. Almost 100 articles and several podcasts later, I can at least say I had a blast doing this! 😀

Professionaly, I make a living modelling and texturing 3D stuff (you can see more of my work here). And since I already said I’m a bit of a workaholic, it probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m also writing my first graphic novel, which already has a publisher.

If you have some 3D work that needs doing, you feel like having a chat or just want to say hi you can add me on Twitter. May Eärendil be with you!

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