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Hi! I’m a slightly workaholic Environment Artist (my boyfriend would probably tell me to delete the “slightly” before workaholic :P) who instead of spending her free time making lasagna alla murciana (I still cook that one from time to time) or learning how to build paper robots, decided it was a good idea to start a website to help Spanish games get more attention in English-speaking countries. Almost 100 articles and several podcasts later, I can at least say I had a blast doing this! 😀

Professionaly, I make a living modelling and texturing 3D stuff (you can see more of my work here). And since I already said I’m a bit of a workaholic, it probably won’t come as a surprise that I’m also writing my first graphic novel, which already has a publisher.

If you have some 3D work that needs doing, you feel like having a chat or just want to say hi you can add me on Twitter. May Eärendil be with you!



Samuel Fiunte Matarredona – Founder, editor and writer


Names are important and deeds are important, but I doubt you are here to read about me. But since you’re curious: I have worked in two countries and in three companies of different sizes. I have shipped more than 10 games that might have sold millions of copies, not that it really matters. I’ve got the following labels close to my name: QA tester, QA experienced Tester, QA Localisation Tester, QA Localisation Experienced Tester, QA Localisation Team Lead, QA Engineer and QA Experienced Engineer. Quite the endless job titles list, right? Tell me about that.

I also write things. You can find lots of articles on this blog. Also some articles in Online Spanish Magazines like Deus Ex Machina and Ochoquincemag. Once upon a time I wrote over 500 articles for an entertainment magazine called Talkbacker, but man, they went away in the digital winds and amount to nothing now.
Also you might want to check this.


Víctor Ojuel – Editor and writer


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Víctor is a Cambridge-based narrative designer, writer and translator. He’s written a few indie games, like Forgotten Kodama, 99 Crows and Pharaonic. When not working on commercial projects, he writes interactive fiction pieces like Pilgrimage. He has recently published his first novel, Ava Ström. He’s got a beard, an obsession with Leuchtturm notebooks, a fixation with interesting female characters and a passion for telling stories. Confidential sources confirm he makes a mean encebollao-style tuna steak.


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