Samuel Fiunte Matarredona

Founder, editor and writer


Names are important and deeds are important, but I doubt you are here to read about me. But since you’re curious: I have worked in two countries and in three companies of different sizes. I have shipped more than 10 games that might have sold millions of copies, not that it really matters. I’ve got the following labels close to my name: QA tester, QA experienced Tester, QA Localisation Tester, QA Localisation Experienced Tester, QA Localisation Team Lead, QA Engineer and QA Experienced Engineer. Quite the endless job titles list, right? Tell me about that.

I also write things. You can find lots of articles on this blog. Also some articles in Online Spanish Magazines like Deus Ex Machina and Ochoquincemag. Once upon a time I wrote over 500 articles for an entertainment magazine called Talkbacker, but man, they went away in the digital winds and amount to nothing now.

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